History & Staff

We have 30 years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Our families come to us because they know we are innovative professionals who are dedicated to customer service, and have the highest standards of integrity.

Our Valued Staff

  • David  Humpherys Jr.

    David Humpherys Jr. Owner/ Funeral Director/Embalmer

    [email protected]

  • Amber Humpherys

    Amber Humpherys Owner/Funeral Assistant

    [email protected]

  • James  Gregory

    James Gregory Funeral Director/Embalmer

  • Dan Williams

    Dan Williams Funeral Director

    [email protected]

  • Francisco Flores

    Francisco Flores Licensed Funeral Director / Pre-Need Specialist

    [email protected]

  • Alexandra C Estrada

    Alexandra C Estrada Yakima Office Manager - Funeral Director Intern - Certified Crematory Operator

    [email protected]

  • Jennifer Rosales

    Jennifer Rosales Embalmer Intern/Funeral Director Intern

    [email protected]

  • Rebecca Otis

    Rebecca Otis Business Manager & Funeral Director Intern

    [email protected]

  • Jerry  Roybal

    Jerry Roybal Funeral Assistant

  • Kimberly Kulhavy

    Kimberly Kulhavy Funeral Director Intern

  • Sonia Marquez

    Sonia Marquez Office Manager/Funeral Assistant

  • Bryson Barnick

    Bryson Barnick Funeral Assistant

  • Ezekiel and Charlie

    Ezekiel and Charlie Funeral Carriage Team